Artistry, Dedication, Results.


Why would you choose Dr. Goertz and Hair Transplant Seattle? We say for the results. From your first phone call to our office, to your consultation, procedure and your final results, we are here for you.


When you call to set up your initial consultation, our patient care coordinator will be available for you and will answer all of your questions. More than just a voice on the phone, our patient care coordinator is also an experienced hair transplant technician having worked with Dr. Goertz for more than a decade. She will work with you to be sure you have the information and knowledge about your choices, so that you can make an informed decision. You will know what to expect during your consultation, how to plan and prepare for your surgery day and what to expect after your procedure as you anticipate the re-growth of your new hair.


The first step is your initial consultation to find out if you are a candidate for hair transplantation. You will meet directly with Dr. Goertz for the entire consultation process; after all, this is a medical procedure that requires a proper diagnosis and planning of your procedure. During the consultation he will evaluate your hair loss, discuss your concerns about hair loss and develop a plan to meet your desired hair restoration goals. He will discuss the options available to you and the details of how he will help achieve these goals.


When you have decided that you are ready to move forward with your procedure our patient care coordinator will work with you to find a date that will work with your schedule. Dr. Goertz performs one surgical procedure per day so you are his only focus. (On the morning of the procedure he will meet with you again to go over any additional question that you might have and review and finalize the plan for the transplant area.)


Your day with us will be spent relaxing in a private room being cared for by your own personal staff (caregivers assigned only to you. You’ll have an opportunity to watch movies while being served lunch and being taken care of. This is your special day that will be the beginning of the new you.


We are here for you.


Dr. Brian Goertz is Board Certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. He is also a long time member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. He is one of fewer than 100 physicians in the USA whose practice is solely focused on hair restoration.

We invite you to take the first step in developing the natural hair growth you are visualizing. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Goertz!


“I have never met a more professional person, let alone doctor, that will relate to you as a genuine person. This man is not only charismatic and genuine, but is willing to put someone first over himself. Your dedication, demeanor, and humanity, reaches beyond what could be considered commendable. THANK YOU! Dr. Goertz!” – Rob Markle