Hair Transplant Review - Wayne L. ZinterDear Dr. Goertz,

I am writing this letter to thank you for the excellent job done on my hair transplant. I couldn’t be more satisfied. I was 57 years old when my wife, Lucy asked me to look into a transplant. I was not really interested, thinking that if nature wanted me to have thinning hair, so be it. We booked an appointment with you at your Bellevue Washington office and later attended. Even then I was not really into the idea of a hair transplant. I then made and appointment for the hair transplant reluctantly because my wife and I had a wedding to attend later that summer. I was concerned that I might look like I was in the middle of a hair transplant for the wedding pictures. When my wife and I came in for the day of the appointment I was still not really enthused, but I wanted the transplant anyway.

I found the medication that you gave me relaxed me. The operation was much more comfortable than I expected. The pain medicine that you gave me worked very well and quite frankly I never really felt any pain, even later, just slight numbness and some itching during healing.

When I left your office after the procedure, you gave me a baseball cap to wear. I wore it in public until the evidence of the transplant was gone and to this day I have friends who do not know that I had a hair transplant. That is not to say there was little change in my hairline. There was dramatic change in my hairline, but I found people don’t notice right away. Once I tell them I had a hair transplant they look at me and still cannot visualize the change. Once I show them the before and after pictures, they are amazed at the difference.

Now that my hair is all grown out, I can’t tell you how happy I am that I had this transplant. I feel much better about my looks and my wife just loves it. I do feel better about my appearance. I didn’t think that I would at first, but my wife and daughter encouraged me to make the decision to get a transplant and I am so happy they did.

I had no problems with your transplant procedure. My wife and I have recommended you, too many of my wife’s and my daughter’s customers. They are both beauticians in the Tacoma, Washington area.

I can’t thank you enough for a job well done. Both my wife and I think it was the best money we have spent in a very long time. If you would like to give my name and phone number to your prospective patients who may be hesitant like I was, you are very welcome to do so.

Again, I couldn’t be more pleased with my hair transplant.

Thank you!
Wayne L. Zinter


Hair Transplant Review – Wayne L. Zinter | Hair Transplant Seattle

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