Hair Transplant Review - Larry NelsonDear Dr. Goertz,

There are those who say “I could care less that I’m losing hair or thinning”. God Love em, HOWEVER, I never fell into that camp.

I absolutely hated losing my hair, or as some would say it’s just a little thin… I hated it !! PERIOD… I looked into hair transplants, but didn’t care for the doll plug look, or the rows of corn as it once was described.

Soooo, the next 25 years were filled with, God knows how many hair pieces.. a partial crown piece , then a full piece, hair extensions and of course with hair pieces, there’s the obligatory 2 way tape, glue, hair snaps, clips, and even a device called a vacuum . All of which looked dismal and frankly stupid. Finally as the years passed and semi -retirement settled in I succumbed to, ”You’ve got plenty of hair Lar”…or “Your hair is fine” and finally at your age..who cares about losing hair. I DO I DO I DO I DO “Vanity hath no time frames”

Shortly there after, I ran into a friend, Tom McCarthy, WHO I worked with @ KOMO Radio Tom had just received a full head of hair from Dr Goertz at Hair transplant Seattle. I could not believe it! Because by the picture you’ll see my dear friend was truly follicullarly challenged. I asked Tom how many sessions did it take, he said (1) ONE Something called a “Mega Session” because he wanted to achieve as much in one session as possible, Within 3 weeks I was in Dr Goertz’s office. Shortly thereafter I had my procedure. Did it hurt, “NO!” I enjoyed my day.

I simply can not tell you, but “only show you” See my picture above. The Results of a comfortable “Pleasant afternoon filled with anticipation of my new real hair…MY HAIR…..Would I do it again. Absolutely!

Dr Goertz is truly a gifted surgeon, artist & humanitarian.

Larry B. Nelson
33yrs KOMO radio


Hair Transplant Review – Larry Nelson | Hair Transplant Seattle

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