Hair Transplant Review - JD FranzenDear Dr. Goertz,

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how pleased I am with the “procedure”. I had always told everyone that I never cared what color my hair was as I aged, but I just wanted to have hair. As my hair was getting thinner, and receding (and I was doing an ever increasing comb-over) I began the search for a transplant that I could believe in and not make me look worse. I did not want to look stupid and regret having had the transplant procedure.

I had heard of you and your results. I met with you in your office and you explained what I could expect and why the results are so natural. I had the confidence in you and decided to go forward. Now I just had to get through the “elective pain” idea. Although you assured me that this would not be painful I was very skeptical. I just couldn’t imagine you could implant 3000 follicles and I wouldn’t be in some major pain. Well it goes to show you what I know. The actual procedure was very easy to deal with and during the recovery period I was amazed that I wasn’t even taking Tylenol. I also would have thought that itching would have been a major ordeal; again I was surprised that the healing process was so easy to deal with.

So, I want to thank you for getting me over my fears and giving me such a natural new hairline. The only people that are aware that I had anything done are those close friends that I have chosen to share the experience with. They are amazed when they look at the results.

Please thank your staff for all the care and concern shown me, not only during the procedure but on my six month follow up when we shared the results of their efforts with them. You and your organization are truly a class act!

If you ever need a prior patient to help calm a new prospective patient on the procedure, I am your man!

Thanks again,
J.D. Franzen
Olympia, Washington


Patient Review – JD Franzen

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