Hair Transplant Review - Dwayne Berg
When you think of hair transplantation most people think of a man with a receding hairline or a bald spot on the back of the head and while this is the most common reason why someone would seek hair restoration, there are other reasons why hair transplantation is done.
When Dwayne first came to see Dr. Goertz, he was devastated. He had been through a lot already, having been diagnosed with a golf-ball sized cancerous tumor in his brain. The tumor had been surgically removed by opening his skull which had left him with a large scar. His surgery was followed by chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It was the radiation therapy which led to an area on the side of his head which became scarred from complications from the radiation therapy. He ended up having 2 ribs placed in his skull, covered by a full thickness graft from his forearm.

“I had sought out a plastic surgeon and they could not help me. I tried wearing a wig but it looked like I was wearing a wig. I even looked into getting a shaded tattoo but decided that definitely would not work. I resorted to wearing headband most of the time in an attempt to hide the area.” – Dwayne

“After a long series of referrals, I found Dr. Brian Goertz. I made the appointment with no expectations of him being able to help me, his specialty is hair transplants. I found him to be very positive and he knew he could do the procedure. So he took some photos of me before the procedure, I looked ghastly. He said he needed the photos to plan his artistic approach to fixing me. I scheduled the hair-transplant procedure. Afterwards he said it would take 6-12 months to grow my hair back. I felt more confidence with each day. Dr. Goertz teased, that I’d have to fight off all the ladies.”
“I am astounded by what Dr. Goertz has done for me, he has changed my life. I am now proud of how I look and am no longer self-conscious. The hair design on my scalp was brilliant. I am very happy with Dr. Goertz and am happy to call him my friend.”
Dwayne is happy to show his before and after pictures and hopes that it will help other cancer survivors with hair loss. He also hopes it will help medical doctors who treat cancer survivors with hair loss to learn about Dr. Goertz and what he can do to help restore their patient’s confidence.

Patient Hair Transplant Review – Dwayne Berg

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