Hair Transplant Review - Bobby G

Dr. Goertz and staff, OMG Something went terribly wrong but for me terribly right. I am so pleased, this was a great, satisfying and worthwhile adventure.

  1. I get all sorts of compliments from my hair stylist who see the significant changes.
  2. Had dinner with a high school classmate (38 years ago) who said, “Goodness Bobby, how did you hold onto all your hair”.
  3. Female exercise buddy at the gym in aerobics class said, “Just wait till you turn 60, you’ll feel it in your knees”. I’m 66.
  4. I get compliments all the time as to how good I look and I can honestly say that I feel great about my hair and how I look. I was always confident, but more so now!

Thank you Dr. Goertz and staff for all you work and caring!

Warmest regards,
Bobby G

Patient Hair Transplant Review – Bobby G | Hair Transplant Seattle

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