Cleft Lip Hair Implant Repair in a male can have a profound impact on appearance. A scar in the lip can be caused by injury or repair of a congenital lip deformity such as a cleft lip or cleft lip repair. Many men with a scar in the lip will try to grow facial hair or a mustache to help cover over the scar. This is often fraught with problems because hair does not grow in the scar leaving a visible gap in the hair and the scar exposed. This gap can be repaired with a cleft lip scar repair by hair transplantation into the scar itself.

To make the Cleft Lip Hair Implant Repair, hair for the mustache can be harvested from a couple of different areas; from the back of the head or directly under the chin. Using hair from under the chin is often the desired method because the hair is the same coarseness, color and consistency of the hair in the beard area.

The delicate procedure is completed in a few hours and takes approximately 5 days for complete healing. Once the transplanted hair follicles have regrown they will conceal the scar and continue to grow. You can shave cut, or trim the hairs as you desire and no longer have to worry about a visible, obvious scar.