Hair Restoration after Facelift, brow lift or cosmetic facial surgery

Following a brow lift (forehead lift), face lift, or other cosmetic facial surgery, many men and women need or desire hair restoration to lower their hair line back to its original position, correct hair loss that may have occurred at the incision site, or to help conceal a scar that was left as a result of the surgery.

A brow lift or face lift is a cosmetic procedure that repositions the forehead or sagging brow or facial tissue to minimize the creases, wrinkles or lines that have develop over time. A single incision or several smaller incisions are made just behind the hairline to allow for the brow and face to be pulled back so that excess tissue can be removed. This can result in a hairline that is higher or farther back than desired, hair loss in the incision area or an undesirable scar in or behind the hair line. Hair loss over time can also occur leaving the previously hidden scars more visible or exposed. These problems can be corrected with hair transplantation or a scar revision.

Hair transplantation is utilized to lower or restore your hairline back to its original position, using your own natural hair. Individual hairs are placed in the area that you want or need hair. Great care is taken to design and recreate your hair line. This might involve only the forehead area but may also extend to the temples and sides. For men, rebuilding sideburns might also be necessary. Re-establishing the hairline around your face, will reframe your face and restore your natural appearance.

The scar from a brow lift or face lift itself can often be hidden by transplanting hair directly into and around the scar or, in some cases having the scar revised is a better option (see Scar Revision).

Having the scar undetectable through hair restoration or scar revision decreases the worry that others might see it. It allows both men and women to go about their daily lives without the constant struggle to conceal the area with hair styles, sprays or head covers.