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Facial hair growth is most commonly viewed as a sign of masculinity and male maturity. However some men are genetically lacking facial hair and are not able to grow a beard, sideburns, or mustache or have only patchy facial hair growth. In other cases injury may have caused scaring in the facial hair area. A Facial Hair Transplant could be for you.

In the past there was not much that could be done to change this. Today, hair transplantation can be used to create mustaches, and sideburns and beards of desired shape and intensity. Using hair from the donor area which is located at the back of the head, individual hairs are placed to fill in the desired area. The procedure is complete in a single session and within a few days the transplant area gives the appearance of a five o’clock shadow. Once the transplanted area is completely healed, the hair will continue to grow and will need to be cut or shaved just as any other facial hair, if so desired.

Genetically predisposed to lack of facial hair, men of Asian descent and Hispanic descent have turned to facial hair transplantation to increase facial hair. The popularity of facial hair transplantation in Asian men and men of Hispanic descent has increased over the years.

A beard scar or mustache scar can be filled in with hair transplantation as well.

Facial hair transplantation is a highly successful procedure with minimal risk and downtime. It is performed under local anesthetic and is completed in a single session.

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