Eyebrows provide definition and expression for your face. Whether absent as a result of injury, plucking, or genetics, the effects of missing brows can be devastating no matter what your gender. While many get by with the eyebrow pencil or tattooing, it is possible to transplant your own hair to create natural eyebrows of your own.

An Eyebrow hair transplant is a procedure that transplants hair from the head to the brow area. The brow is carefully designed by a qualified hair transplant surgeon to meet your need and desire, carefully considering density, hair angle and hair direction.

The procedure itself takes approximately 3-4 hours. Hair for the eyebrow is taken from the back of the head by removing a small amount of hair containing tissue. The hair containing follicles are then microscopically dissected away from the surrounding tissue. Great care is taken while creating the graft to preserve the integrity of the follicle. The brow area is prepared and the hair grafts are then placed into tiny recipient sites. Both the donor area and recipient areas heal very quickly. Stitches from the donor area are removed in 7-10 days. There may be some swelling and, rarely, bruising in the brow area after the surgery.

eyebrow hair transplant

After approximately 2-3 weeks the transplanted follicles may go into a resting phase and the existing hairs may fall out. On average, at approximately 3-6 months new hairs begin to grow. Makeup cannot be worn during the initial recovery phase of approximately 2 weeks. It is important to know that because the hairs are taken from the head they will continue to grow, requiring continued trimming and grooming of the brow hairs.

The results of transplanted brows are impressive and defining…