The short answer is no, Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Loss Treatments (PRP) do not work. A recent double blind study from 2016 reported that there was no significant difference in hair count or hair mass index when comparing PRP to placebo. The study appears in Dermatological Surgery November 2, 2016 authored by Puig, Peters and Reese.


“I wish it did work,” says Dr. Brian Goertz, “It would offer us something more in treating female pattern balding, however I have seen a lot of individuals both male and female treated with PRP with no perceived improvement”. It is expensive with no real evidence of efficacy. Female pattern balding is poorly understood and many women are not good candidates for hair restoration, however, some are great candidates for hair transplantation. It depends on the available donor area and how viable hair transplantation would be. Many women are encouraged to use minoxidil as it has been shown to be effective in slowing the female pattern hair loss. Laser combs may also be of benefit and has shown temporary improvement. That is not the case with Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Loss Treatments.

Dr. Goertz believes further study of Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Loss Treatments is warranted by more and larger, double blind studies to see if offering it is a viable treatment choice in both men and women for hair loss. PRP treatment is a very simple procedure and can easily be performed, but if it doesn’t work it is a waste of time and money. Dr. Goertz believes at the present time with such a lack of evidence to the contrary that he cannot recommend PRP injections. At the present time Dr. Goertz does not encourage his patients to have PRP therapy nor does he perform PRP injections.

Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Loss Treatments