Dr. Goertz works with patients from all over the world. Here are a few patients who have taken time to let Dr. Goertz know how thrilled they were about their new hair. Read their real Patient Reviews and stories.

Patient Reviews

Hair Transplant Service Reviews & Stories

  • Dwayne Berg

  • When Dwayne first came to see Dr. Goertz, he was devastated. He had been through a lot already, having been diagnosed with a golf-ball sized cancerous tumor in his brain. The tumor had been surgically removed by opening his skull which had left him with a large scar. His surgery was followed by chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It was the radiation therapy which led to an area on the side of his head which became scarred from complications from the radiation therapy.

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  • J.D. Franzen

  • I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how pleased I am with my “hair transplant procedure”. I had always told everyone that I never cared what color my hair was as I aged, but I just wanted to have hair.

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  • Wayne Zinter

  • I am writing this letter to thank you for the excellent job done on my hair transplant. I couldn’t be more satisfied. I was 57 years old when my wife, Lucy asked me to look into a transplant. I was not really interested, thinking that if nature wanted me to have thinning hair, so be it.

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  • Larry Nelson

  • There are those who say “I could care less that I’m losing hair or thinning”. God Love em, HOWEVER, I never fell into that camp. I absolutely hated losing my hair, or as some would say it’s just a little thin… I hated it !! PERIOD… I looked into hair transplants, but didn’t care for the doll plug look, or the rows of corn as it once was described.

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  • Tom McCarthy

  • If you are considering having a hair transplant with Hair Transplant Seattle and Dr. Goertz, I’d like to suggest you go for it! On June 9th, 2005 I had a hair transplant at their Bellevue offices and had a memorable time with the terrific staff there.

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  • Bill Arnold

  • First of all I want to say how much I appreciate Dr. Goertz and his staff. They are all wonderful people and have a genuine interest in their patients. Their commitment to what they do is unparalleled. I am very pleased with my results, and realize now that I should have come to Dr. Goertz for my first transplant also.

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  • Rob Markle

  • I want to conclude this with some personal regards about Dr. Goertz. I have never met a more professional person, let alone doctor, that will relate to you as a genuine person. This man is not only charismatic and genuine, but is willing to put someone first over himself. Your dedication, demeanor, and humanity, reaches beyond what could be considered commendable.

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  • Bobby G

  • Dr. Goertz and staff, OMG Something went terribly wrong but for me terribly right. I am so pleased, this was a great, satisfying and worthwhile adventure. I get all sorts of compliments from my hair stylist who see the significant changes. Had dinner with a high school classmate (38 years ago) who said, “Goodness Bobby, how did you hold onto all your hair”.

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Patient Reviews | Hair Transplant Seattle

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