With care, skill, and expertise we create results that are so natural you cannot distinguish a transplanted hair from a naturally growing hair.

There are still many misconceptions about hair transplantation and the results that can be achieved. Gone is the unnatural “pluggy” look of the pre 1990’s where large groups of hair were planted in rows resembling doll’s hair. Today the procedure has been refined to the point of microscopic dissection of individual follicular units and the meticulous transplantation of individual hair follicles containing just a single hair. “We perform ultra refined hair transplantation to create natural results,” says Dr. Goertz.

To recreate a natural hairline Dr. Goertz considers the individual unique features, desires and goals of each patient. He places only single hair follicular units in the frontal hairline and takes great care to replicate the naturally occurring angle in which your hair grows “The hairline is what frames your face,” says Dr. Goertz, “It is imperative that the hairline is completely natural.”

Filling in density is also an important part of hair transplantation. To achieve density, naturally occurring individual follicular units that contain more than 2 hairs are strategically placed in areas that will have the most impact or where the need for density is the greatest.

Dr. Goertz understands that most individuals would like to have as few procedures as possible; because hair transplantation is a minor surgical procedure, minimizing the number of procedures while maximizing the benefit is important. He takes pride in offering larger sessions in which he can transplant as many as 3000 or more follicular units in one session, allowing the patient to achieve impressive results in as few procedures as possible.

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Our Philosophy for Patient Care

“I am deeply grateful to the pioneers in the field of hair transplantation, whose work has led to the remarkable, natural results achieved in hair transplantation today. If it were not for pioneers such as Dr. Orentreich, who performed the first hair transplant in America in 1952, and others such as Dr. Otar Norwood and Dr. Bluford Stough, who followed in the 1960’s, and Dr. Bobby Limmer, who later introduced follicular unit grafting, we would not be able to offer this treatment today.”

– A Message from Dr. Brian Goertz