I had a mega-session hair transplant performed by Dr. Brian Goertz and the results have been better than anticipated. I’m 52 and have been balding since I was in my early 20’s; it was only after looking at photos on a white water rafting trip that I realized how bald I really was. I decided to do something and to my surprise the wife fully supported it and admitted she had secretly wanted to bring it up but never had.
During my research I determined as a 5A on the Hamilton-Norwood Scale the only thing that would work for me was a hair transplant. As a fraud investigator I tend to question everything but all my research indicated hair transplants do in fact return satisfactory results in the vast majority of the cases. My next research involved finding the right clinic to do the transplant.
I ended up selecting Dr. Goertz because his credentials checked out and I was very impressed with the personal time he spent with my wife and me going over the procedure, options, price and expected results. There was no pressure on his part or sales gimmicks, just his honest professional opinion.
The procedure was exactly as he described and I was back to work within two days. He had told me that the procedure took a degree of faith but the hair would grow…it did!
Please pass on personal thanks to Dr. Goertz.
Jim B

Hair Transplant Seattle Patient Review

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