There are less than 100 full time hair restoration surgeons exclusively practicing hair transplant surgery in the US. Hair Transplant Seattle is one of them. Only about 70 of the full time practicing hair restoration surgeons are board certified by the ABHRS (American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery).

If you are just researching information about hair transplantation, and figuring out How to Choose a Hair Transplant Surgeon then please feel free to use this as a guide. You may also want to look at Avoiding a Bad Hair Transplant. If you are at a distance we can arrange a virtual consultation for you. If you choose Hair Transplant Seattle for your consultation this is what you can expect.

At Hair Transplant Seattle:

  1. Your consultation will be with Dr. Goertz personally and you will have an open and frank discussion about your hair restoration desires and whether or not your expectations are reasonable. You will not meet with a sales person or consultant.
  2. Research. We encourage you to research as much as you can before your consultation about hair restoration as well as medical therapies. Please use our site and links to the ISHRS and ABHRS to learn about this wonderful solution to hair loss. Please pay particular attention to before and after photographs and see if they appear natural. Dr. Goertz is proud of his artistic ability. All artistry is not equal and this is a lifetime decision.
  3. You may or may not be a good candidate for hair restoration surgery and Dr. Goertz will help you to know if you are a good candidate.
  4. Make sure you mention all health conditions and give a complete medical history. Certain conditions may affect your suitability as a candidate for surgery. You will fill out a brief questionnaire about your medical history and conditions.
  5. Dr. Goertz will show you a wide variety high resolution, non-retouched before and after pictures of his patients who have authorized him to show their pictures.
  6. Ask about your hair quality and how it may affect your results. Fine hair will not look as dense as coarser hair. Curly hair gives better cosmetic coverage that straight hair.
  7. Ask about hair angle and what is most appropriate for you.
  8. Ask about pitting at the recipient site and scarring in the donor area.
  9. Ask about what you can realistically expect by having the surgery.
  10. At the end of the consultation you will have understanding of the medical/surgical plan.