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Like Sriracha Sauce, Think again!

Sriracha sauce is a tasty hot sauce which originated in Thailand many years ago. Thai people introduced to North America about 35 years ago and its popularity is increasing almost daily. It is now being added to everything from soup to, yes, nuts. Subway now has a Sriracha Chicken melt makers of potato chips have Sriracha flavors as well.

Creatine and Hair Loss

Creatine is popular in gyms as a workout supplement. It is used by many individuals to enhance exercise performance and increase muscle mass. Is there a link between Creatine and Hair Loss? In my practice as a hair transplant surgeon I have definitely seen patients with hair loss associated with creatine supplementation.

Nitrites and Hair Loss?

Hot dogs and other processed food (foods with a lot of preservatives in them) often contain unhealthy ingredients like sodium nitrite and so other chemicals with names that are hard to pronounce and don’t sound like something that should be in our food. It is not surprising to find a link between Nitrites and Hair Loss.