African American Hair Transplants are complex procedures with many steps, to ensure graft survival, and ultimately great hair transplant results. Hair transplantation on individuals of African descent with curly hair requires a carefully designed hairline in men and women, different from those in Caucasians. African American Hair Transplants involve intricate hairline variegation and angulation. Dr. Brian Goertz and his team take the appropriate steps to avoid any scarring in the recipient area.

Dr. Goertz says that, “FUE should never be done in individuals with curly hair as the follicles are curved beneath the skin resulting in hair follicle transection and ultimately poor results”.

Dr. Goertz also warns that, “There has been a great proliferation of FUE devices such as Neograft and many untrained people who use them are simply unaware of the damage that can be done to follicles.” Great hair restoration results can be achieved when choosing an artistic and experienced hair transplant surgeon for your procedure. Dr. Goertz and his team look forward to serving you.

Here are some photos of an actual patient of Dr. Goertz at Hair Transplant Seattle for reference:


African American Hair Transplant

African American Hair Transplant