Dr. Brian Goertz is a Medical Doctor, Board Certified in Hair Transplant Surgery specializing solely in hair restoration. Dr. Goertz is one of approximately one hundred hair restoration surgeons in the United States who have dedicated their practice solely to hair restoration and practice hair transplantation full-time. Of that group, approximately seventy of them, including Dr. Brian Goertz, are Board Certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons. In addition, Dr. Goertz is also one of only forty hair transplant surgeons in the USA who has achieved the designation of Fellow of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (FISHRS).

Dr. Goertz is an expert in hair transplantation and is passionate about hair restoration. He treats his patients like family and practices the Golden Rule, to always treat his patients the way he wants himself and his family treated. Dr. Goertz is a gifted artist and realizes that in addition to his surgical skill, it’s his artistic ability and attention to detail that ensure the best hair transplant results for his patients.

Dr. Goertz graduated with distinction from the University of Saskatchewan achieving his Doctor of Medicine Degree with distinction (cum laude) at Saskatoon, Canada in 1979. He also earned his Bachelor of Science Degree with distinction (cum laude) as well. Dr. Goertz began his exploration, learning, and training of hair transplant surgery in 1997. He has been practicing hair restoration surgery full-time in the greater Seattle area since 2003.

Hair restoration and transplantation has evolved greatly since Dr. Goertz entered the field of hair restoration. When Dr. Goertz was first introduced to hair restoration it was not what it is today. Dr. Goertz’s first interaction with a hair transplant surgeon was in 1996, that surgeon was still performing surgeries with mini-plugs. Many advances have been made since then but surprisingly and unfortunately, Dr. Goertz still sees poor hair transplant results with both FUE and FUT procedures performed by less than qualified hair transplant clinics.

Hair transplantation as a procedure in the 1990’s was primitive and comprised mostly of plug procedures and large grafts. It was even more primitive in the 1980’s. The results were unsightly and hair transplantation as a specialty was not considered mainstream medicine and was relegated to the sidelines, as it should have been. The first new techniques were introduced by Dr. Bobby Limmer, and the beginnings of the new future of hair restoration began. This was the start of follicular unit transplantation. What Dr. Limmer did was show that with follicular unit transplantation transplanted hair could look more natural because it was transplanted in the naturally occurring units. Dr. Limmer is a great surgeon and an artist. It is a well-deserved and sincere compliment that few are worthy of.

Dr. Brian Goertz utilizes the most current techniques of follicular unit transplantation in treating his patients. Great hair transplant results are not by accident. In addition, careful extraction of the donor material and proper handling of the follicular unit grafts to ensure graft survival, is essential to attaining great results time after time. However, Dr. Goertz sincerely believes that in addition to proper surgical technique, artistry is of utmost importance to achieve great results.

Artistry comes into play as Dr. Brian Goertz designs a hairline for a male with male pattern balding or for a female with female pattern balding. Those challenges for Dr. Goertz are some of the simplest, yet most important. Many men would like a hairline that accentuates their masculinity and most women would like a hairline and density that accentuates their femininity and beauty. Males undergoing a trans-gendering process want to shed their maleness for an attractive feminine appearance, often the last step in their progress to the person they feel they have always been. Some women are born with less than acceptable male pattern hairlines more representative of their father than their mother. Dr. Goertz enjoys designing hair line for women who were born with an M Pattern hairline. Artistry is also important in designing eyebrows and beards for his patients.

Dr. Goertz also works with his patients to design and transplant beautiful eyebrows. Eyebrows are very rewarding for our patients as well as for Dr. Goertz and his staff.

In addition, we treat many cancer survivors and thrivers. Whether the hair loss they have experienced is due to post radiation hair loss or surgical scarring we are able to help many. Dr. Brian Goertz has also developed a technique to microscopically remove scar tissue from the scalp and re-align the hair follicles to reduce the appearance of an unsightly scalp scar. Dr. Goertz employs the same techniques in reducing scar in men and women who have had face lifts and are left with scalp scarring.

Please explore Dr. Goertz Website. All the before and after hair transplant pictures are of Dr. Brian Goertz’s own hair transplant patients who have given permission to use their photographs. No one is paid or compensated in any way for use of their hair transplant pictures.

When it is time for you to choose your surgeon, you have choices. We hope that you choose the artist, Dr. Goertz and his team at Hair Transplant Seattle to meet your hair transplant needs. We are committed to you and your hair restoration results.

Favorite Charity:
Dr. Goertz favorite charity is Medical Teams International, a non-profit disaster relief organization committed to helping people in need in the US and around the world.


  • MD cum laude 1979 University of Saskatchewan, Canada
  • BSc cum laude 1977 University of Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Board certified by ABHRS 2007
  • Board certified CCFP 1989
  • Fellow of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery 2015