Dr. Goertz has retired from his clinical practice of hair restoration and is no longer seeing patients.

Dr. Goertz wishes to thank all his patients for placing their trust in him. During Dr. Goertz’s career as a hair transplant surgeon there were fewer than 100 full time hair transplant surgeons in the United States and Dr. Goertz was honored to be one of them.

The success of hair restoration is dependent upon the skill, experience and artistry of the surgeon performing the procedure and their team. Dr. Goertz emphasizes that to obtain the best hair transplant results a patient should conduct in depth research, read credible reviews and choose a hair transplant surgeon carefully.

Dr. Goertz wishes the best for all his patients and is grateful to them for placing their trust in him and his team for this very personal procedure.

Although Dr. Goertz is retired, he still wants patients seeking hair transplant surgery to make the right choices. Follow his health blog and check out his article on how to avoid a bad hair transplant.